How TASKIT can help build your business
  • Finding Enquiries

    We drive business in your direction. You set the prices and agree the terms and only take on those tasks you are comfortable with completing.
  • No Payment Headaches

    We handle all the Payments online in a very secure way. We secure payment from the client upfront and then release it to you upon completion of the Task. All you need to do is what you do best!
  • Support Network

    Our staff are here to help you with any queries. If ever in doubt you can contact us directly for advice. We can also put you in touch with additional Taskers if you need it for those bigger Tasks!
How to get started
  • Apply Online

    Log in with Facebook or Manually and complete your application.
  • Get Verified

    We're big on trust and safety, so we require identity verification and appropriate documentation before we can approve your Tasker application.
  • Start Tasking

    Specify your skills and interests and connect with local people who want to work with you.